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Rocking Horse Restoration

Ayres rocking horse restoration and rocking horse repair is offered by our rocking horse restorers who serve most of the UK with a collection and return service and provide Ayres rocking horse repairs in rocking horse restoration workshops London, Shropshire, Devon, Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Scotland, Surrey, Sussex, London, Warwickshire, Yorkshire, Essex, Kent and Wales.


For all enquiries, please e-mail:



In the first instance, please contact us with your location and brief details of your rocking horse.

If you have a rocking horse which you are unable to identify, please feel free to send us some photos and we will be pleased to advise further and guide you.

If you horse is not an Ayres, but you would like it to be repaired, renvoated or restored, we can recommend Rocking Horse Revival's rocking horse restoration service, which is offered in many areas of the country.

Owners of a rocking horse made by J. Collinson rocking horses of Liverpool and needing a Collinson rocking horse restorer may wish to take advantage of the Collinson rocking horse restoration service.