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Ayres Rocking Horses For Sale

If you are seeking an old Ayres rocking horse for sale, we may be able to assist, whether it is a restored or unrestored example which you are seeking.

Few rocking horses are as desirable as those made by F. H. Ayres, a London maker of the greatest repute and renown. Somehow, their timeless qualities seem to embody all that is so seductive about old rocking horses.

Although we are mainly involved in arranging appropriate expert restoration on behalf of those already fortunate enough to own an Ayres, there are many more lovers of old rocking horses who don't own one, but would dearly love to obtain one.

If you would like to buy an Ayres rocking horse, we are able to offer some excellent rocking horses which have been professionally restored to the highest standards.

If you are seeking information about F. H. Ayres rocking horses for sale, please get in touch with us by e-mail and outline what you have in mind. We will be delighted to assist!



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