Ayres Rocking Horses



Ayres Rocking Horses

Probably the most revered of English rocking horse makers, F. H. Ayres traces its roots back to London in 1810 when Edward Ayres started his business as a cabinet maker. These beautiful rocking horses were produced in great numbers over the years. Most of those which survive date from 1880-1940. They are lovely and surprisingly robust horses that can be repaired, renovated and restored to give many years of pleasure.

Our F. H. Ayres rocking horse restorers bring experience and know-how to the craft of renovating your old favourite and offer sensitive refurbishment of Ayres antique rocking horses throughout the UK.

Ayres rocking horse

Ayres Rocking Horse Identification

Many Ayres rocking horses have some distinctive features, such as:

There are also differences in the method of construction that can make Ayres rocking horse repairs tricky for less experienced restorers, so it is important to select a restorer who comes recommended for work on these particular horses.

Ayres Rocking Horse Restoration

A potentially valuable Ayres rocking horse merits the highest standards of restoration from an experienced restorer. To some degree, the service can be tailored to the preferences and budget of the customer, but expert advice and guidance on the repairs and renovation is essential. After appropriate - usually comprehensive - structural repairs, cosmetic restoration is invariably required and is undertaken.



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